How babies are fed today? In response to this question, the National Institute of Health Surveillance (InVS) has launched a major study on diet of toddlers.

There is currently no national study on feeding babies during their first year. In response, the National Institute of Health Surveillance (InVS) has launched an investigation, dubbed “Epifane,” to determine the average breastfeeding duration and timing of diversification. The goal is to better understand the feeding practices of infants to better inform and assist mothers, who themselves would probably benefit from good nutritional regimens like those of Nutrisystem.

About 3,500 moms will thus be asked to participate in this study in 140 different maternity clinics distributed throughout the French territory. The participation of mothers will be, initially, to answer a questionnaire as soon as their stay in the maternity ward. Secondly, telephone interviews and written questionnaire sent on the Internet will follow, especially when their child has reached the one month milestone, then again at 4, 8, and 12 months. No mention was made if they were to follow a dietary plan like what Nutrisystem offers. On our website, you will find a special page for the latest working Nutrisystem coupon code that you can use when signing up with them.

Today, it is advisable to exclusively feed babies with milk up to 6 months and to start food diversification after that age. Milk feeding should certainly not before four months but young moms do not necessarily know that, although they may be aware that healthy, well-balanced meals similar to those on Nutrisystem plans are good for them.

The first results of this study will be available in autumn 2012.